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Terms and Conditions

Nobody read the terms and conditions. For this reasons our terms and conditions are short and simple to understand.

Summary: The use of Cheméo is welcome, abuse is not.

  1. If you are using the service for free, you get it as it is, without any guarantees of any kind.
  2. If you use data from Cheméo, you agree to cite Cheméo in the scientific papers, website or software making use of it.
  3. You are not allowed to download or scrap the full database and include it as-is in your own product. If you need the full database, just contact us. We want the data to be used but without abuse.
  4. The system can automatically throttle access to maintain the quality of service.
  5. The database itself is copyrighted with sui generis right by Céondo GmbH, see below for what it means.

Why this terms? To allow us to block access to the two main abuse of Cheméo we had in the past. Some companies have downloaded the full database and included it in their products without referencing it. And some other companies are using the content of Cheméo to create website full of advertizing and malware.

Privacy Policy

Summary: We handle your personal data in the way we want services to handle our own personal data.

  1. We do not track you.
  2. We keep statistics only for the purpose of ensure the quality of service.
  3. We set session cookies only if you login.
  4. We may set security cookies to protect the submission of forms.
  5. The servers of Cheméo are located in Germany and France.
  6. Only the members of Céondo GmbH have access to the database of Cheméo.
  7. If you create an account, you can get access to all the data we have about you.
  8. If you create an account, you agree to receive emails with informations about Cheméo on a semi regular basis.
  9. If you delete your account, we will immediately purge all the data we have about you from the active database. Your data will still be in the backups and will be completely removed once the old backups are destroyed. If because of an incident, we need to restore the database from a backup made before you deleted your account, you will receive an email notification to allow you to perform once again the deletion of your account.

Attribution, Copyright and Citation

We spent a lot of time and money to maintain and make available this database. Please use it as you wish, but if you use data from Cheméo in your work, you must cite Cheméo the following ways:

For a website, you must provide the following link or equivalent on your about page: "Chemical and physical properties from Cheméo."
This correspond to this piece of HTML code: <span>Chemical and physical properties from <a href="">Cheméo</a>.</span>

For an application, you need to provide the following text on the about screen: "Chemical and physical properties from Cheméo."

For a printed paper/publication, simply put: "Cheméo, chemical and physical properties (" or the link to the specific page. Cheméo is well recognised, many publications and patent applications contain Cheméo as data reference.

This is easy to do and will help us a lot.

If you are using just a small subset of the data available in your work, we would of course appreciate a Cheméo citation, but it is way more important to cite the original work, be it an old database parsed/cleaned/extended and imported in Cheméo or an individual paper. Research is possible because we share/cite/exchange knowledge, do not be the one breaking this.

The database itself is copyrighted by Céondo GmbH for the structure and sui generis for the content. You are not allowed to pull all the data, include the data in your application without asking us. Learn more.

Your comments and remarks are welcome, just contact us: contact @

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