Chemical Properties of Neosolaniol (CAS 36519-25-2)


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InChI Key
Molecular Weight1
Other Names
  • Neozolaniol
  • Solaniol (sesquiterpene)
  • Solaniol
  • Trichothec-9-ene-3,4,8,15-tetrol, 12,13-epoxy-, 4,15-diacetate, (3«alpha»,4«beta»,8«alpha»)-
  • Trichothec-9-ene-3,4,8,15-tetrol, 12,13-epoxy-, 4,15-diacetate
  • Trichothec-9-ene-3-«alpha»,4-«beta»,8-«alpha»,15-tetrol, 12,13-epoxy-, 4,15-diacetate
  • 4-«beta»,15-Diacetoxy-3-«alpha»,8-«alpha»-dihydroxy-12,13-epoxytrichothec-9-ene
  • Trichothec-9-ene, 12,13-epoxy-4-«beta»,15-diacetoxy-3-«alpha»,8-«alpha»-dihydroxy-
  • NSC 197212
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Physical Properties

Property Value Unit Source
Δf -612.80 kJ/mol Joback Calculated Property
Δfgas -1204.00 kJ/mol Joback Calculated Property
Δfus 49.24 kJ/mol Joback Calculated Property
Δvap 114.84 kJ/mol Joback Calculated Property
log10WS -1.82 Crippen Calculated Property
logPoct/wat 0.096 Crippen Calculated Property
McVol 269.190 ml/mol McGowan Calculated Property
Pc 2085.03 kPa Joback Calculated Property
Inp 2652.00 NIST
Tboil 1046.64 K Joback Calculated Property
Tc 1281.68 K Joback Calculated Property
Tfus 755.73 K Joback Calculated Property
Vc 1.016 m3/kmol Joback Calculated Property

Temperature Dependent Properties

Property Value Unit Temperature (K) Source
Cp,gas [1064.54; 1321.58] J/mol×K [1046.64; 1281.68] Show Hide
Cp,gas 1064.54 J/mol×K 1046.64 Joback Calculated Property
Cp,gas 1098.28 J/mol×K 1085.81 Joback Calculated Property
Cp,gas 1135.09 J/mol×K 1124.99 Joback Calculated Property
Cp,gas 1175.40 J/mol×K 1164.16 Joback Calculated Property
Cp,gas 1219.63 J/mol×K 1203.33 Joback Calculated Property
Cp,gas 1268.21 J/mol×K 1242.50 Joback Calculated Property
Cp,gas 1321.58 J/mol×K 1281.68 Joback Calculated Property

Similar Compounds

T-2 Tetraol. T-2 toxin. T-2 Mycotoxin. Trichothec-9-ene-3,4,8,15-tetrol, 12,13-epoxy-, 15-acetate 8-(3-methylbutanoate), (3«alpha»,4«beta»,8«alpha»)-. Trichothec-9-ene-3-«alpha»,4-«beta»,8-«alpha»,15-tetrol, 12,13-epoxy-, 3,4,15-triacetate,8-isovalerate. Diacetoxyscirpenol. Desacetylanguidine. GA3-13-O-glucoside, permethylated. Ouabain. «gamma»-Ponalactone. Digitoxin. Digoxin (L1=41,8mg/mL, L2=68,2mg/mL, Z=40,1mg/mL). azadirachtin. 1H-Indole-3-ethanol, 2-(5-ethenyl-1-azabicyclo[2.2.2]oct-2-yl)-, [1S-(1«alpha»,2«alpha»,4«alpha»,5«beta»)]-. (E)-Methyl 2-((1'R,6'R,7'S,8a'S)-6'-ethyl-2-oxo-3',5',6',7',8',8a'-hexahydro-2'H-spiro[indoline-3,1'-indolizin]-7'-yl)-3-methoxyacrylate.

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