Chemical Properties of Heptane, 3-ethyl-4-methyl- (CAS 52896-91-0)

Heptane, 3-ethyl-4-methyl-

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InChI Key
Molecular Weight1
Other Names
  • 3-Ethyl-4-methylheptane
  • 4-Methyl-3-ethylheptane
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Physical Properties

Property Value Unit Source
Δf 28.44 kJ/mol Joback Calculated Property
Δfgas -260.29 kJ/mol Joback Calculated Property
Δfus 14.61 kJ/mol Joback Calculated Property
Δvap 48.10 kJ/mol NIST
log10WS -3.52 Crippen Calculated Property
logPoct/wat 3.859 Crippen Calculated Property
McVol 151.760 ml/mol McGowan Calculated Property
Pc 2139.38 kPa Joback Calculated Property
Inp [938.00; 940.50]   Show Hide
Inp 940.00 NIST
Inp 940.50 NIST
Inp Outlier 938.00 NIST
Inp 940.00 NIST
Inp 940.00 NIST
Inp 940.00 NIST
Inp 940.00 NIST
Tboil 427.32 K Joback Calculated Property
Tc 596.92 K Joback Calculated Property
Tfus 172.46 K Joback Calculated Property
Vc 0.584 m3/kmol Joback Calculated Property

Temperature Dependent Properties

Property Value Unit Temperature (K) Source
Cp,gas [315.26; 401.95] J/mol×K [427.32; 596.92] Show Hide
Cp,gas 315.26 J/mol×K 427.32 Joback Calculated Property
Cp,gas 331.18 J/mol×K 455.59 Joback Calculated Property
Cp,gas 346.50 J/mol×K 483.85 Joback Calculated Property
Cp,gas 361.21 J/mol×K 512.12 Joback Calculated Property
Cp,gas 375.35 J/mol×K 540.39 Joback Calculated Property
Cp,gas 388.93 J/mol×K 568.65 Joback Calculated Property
Cp,gas 401.95 J/mol×K 596.92 Joback Calculated Property
η [0.0002171; 0.0214146] Pa×s [172.46; 427.32] Show Hide
η 0.0214146 Pa×s 172.46 Joback Calculated Property
η 0.0046771 Pa×s 214.94 Joback Calculated Property
η 0.0016877 Pa×s 257.41 Joback Calculated Property
η 0.0008129 Pa×s 299.89 Joback Calculated Property
η 0.0004693 Pa×s 342.37 Joback Calculated Property
η 0.0003059 Pa×s 384.84 Joback Calculated Property
η 0.0002171 Pa×s 427.32 Joback Calculated Property


Property Value Unit Temperature (K) Source
Pvap [1.33; 202.65] kPa [319.26; 465.33] The Yaw... Show Hide
Equationln(Pvp) = A + B/(T + C)
Coefficient A1.42973e+01
Coefficient B-3.66022e+03
Coefficient C-5.79990e+01
Temperature range, min.319.26
Temperature range, max.465.33
Pvap 1.33 kPa 319.26 Calculated Property
Pvap 3.03 kPa 335.49 Calculated Property
Pvap 6.27 kPa 351.72 Calculated Property
Pvap 12.04 kPa 367.95 Calculated Property
Pvap 21.67 kPa 384.18 Calculated Property
Pvap 36.88 kPa 400.41 Calculated Property
Pvap 59.83 kPa 416.64 Calculated Property
Pvap 93.07 kPa 432.87 Calculated Property
Pvap 139.57 kPa 449.10 Calculated Property
Pvap 202.65 kPa 465.33 Calculated Property

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