Chemical Properties of Benzenamine, 4-methyl-2-nitro- (CAS 89-62-3)

Benzenamine, 4-methyl-2-nitro-

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InChI Key
Molecular Weight1
Other Names
  • (4-Methyl-2-nitrophenyl)amine
  • 1-Amino-2-nitro-4-methylbenzene
  • 2-Nitro-4-methylaniline
  • 2-Nitro-p-toluidine
  • 3-Nitro-4-aminotoluene
  • 3-Nitro-4-toluidine
  • 4-Amino-3-nitrotoluene
  • 4-Methyl-2-nitroaniline
  • 4-Methyl-2-nitrobenzenamine
  • 4-Methyl-6-nitroaniline
  • Amarthol Fast Red GL Base
  • Amarthol Fast Red GL Salt
  • Azoamine Red A
  • Azobase NAT
  • Azoene Fast Red Red GL Salt
  • Azofix Red GL Salt
  • Azoic Diazo Component 8
  • Azoic diazo component 8, base
  • C.I. 37110
  • C.I. Azoic Diazo Component 8
  • Devol Red G
  • Devol Red Salt G
  • Diazo Fast Red GL
  • Fast Red 3NT Base
  • Fast Red 3NT Salt
  • Fast Red Base GL
  • Fast Red Base JL
  • Fast Red G Base
  • Fast Red GL
  • Fast Red GL Base
  • Fast Red MGL Base
  • HD Fast Red GL Base
  • Hiltonil Fast Red GL Base
  • Hiltosal Fast Red GL Salt
  • Lake Red G Base
  • Lithosol Scarlet Base M
  • Lithosol Scarlet Base MB
  • Lithosol Scarlet Base MBW
  • Lithosol Scarlet Base MW
  • MNPT
  • Mitsui Red GL Base
  • Naphthanil Red G Base
  • Naphtoelan Fast Red GL Base
  • Red Base Ciba VII
  • Red Base Irga VII
  • Red Base NGL
  • Red G Base
  • Red G Salt
  • Red Salt Ciba VII
  • Red Salt Irga VII
  • Sanyo Fast Red GL Base
  • Shinnippon Fast Red GL Base
  • Toyo Fast Red GL Base
  • Tulabase Fast Red GL
  • aniline, 4-methyl-2-nitro-
  • p-Toluidine, 2-nitro-
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Physical Properties

Property Value Unit Source
Δf 203.21 kJ/mol Joback Calculated Property
Δfgas 48.81 kJ/mol Joback Calculated Property
Δfus 23.71 kJ/mol Joback Calculated Property
Δvap 62.01 kJ/mol Joback Calculated Property
log10WS -2.23 Crippen Calculated Property
logPoct/wat 1.485 Crippen Calculated Property
McVol 113.130 ml/mol McGowan Calculated Property
Pc 4328.25 kPa Joback Calculated Property
Tboil 620.57 K Joback Calculated Property
Tc 879.01 K Joback Calculated Property
Tfus 388.56 K Solubil...
Vc 0.430 m3/kmol Joback Calculated Property

Temperature Dependent Properties

Property Value Unit Temperature (K) Source
Cp,gas [269.53; 321.82] J/mol×K [620.57; 879.01] Show Hide
Cp,gas 269.53 J/mol×K 620.57 Joback Calculated Property
Cp,gas 280.15 J/mol×K 663.64 Joback Calculated Property
Cp,gas 289.96 J/mol×K 706.72 Joback Calculated Property
Cp,gas 299.00 J/mol×K 749.79 Joback Calculated Property
Cp,gas 307.29 J/mol×K 792.87 Joback Calculated Property
Cp,gas 314.89 J/mol×K 835.94 Joback Calculated Property
Cp,gas 321.82 J/mol×K 879.01 Joback Calculated Property
Cp,solid 205.40 J/mol×K 323.00 NIST


Property Value Unit Temperature (K) Source
Pvap [1.33; 202.66] kPa [397.52; 614.02] The Yaw... Show Hide
Equationln(Pvp) = A + B/(T + C)
Coefficient A1.25107e+01
Coefficient B-3.79209e+03
Coefficient C-8.72810e+01
Temperature range, min.397.52
Temperature range, max.614.02
Pvap 1.33 kPa 397.52 Calculated Property
Pvap 3.21 kPa 421.58 Calculated Property
Pvap 6.88 kPa 445.63 Calculated Property
Pvap 13.39 kPa 469.69 Calculated Property
Pvap 24.08 kPa 493.74 Calculated Property
Pvap 40.55 kPa 517.80 Calculated Property
Pvap 64.63 kPa 541.85 Calculated Property
Pvap 98.29 kPa 565.91 Calculated Property
Pvap 143.60 kPa 589.96 Calculated Property
Pvap 202.66 kPa 614.02 Calculated Property

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